3rd year PhD presentation - Thomas Preetzmann

Conjunctive Strategizing: how matter matters in the food system

2017.05.29 | Merete Elmann

Date Thu 01 Jun
Time 14:15 16:00
Location Room 2628-M303, Department of Management, Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University

Thursday 1 June, Thomas Preetzmann will present his PhD project at 14:15 in room 2628-M303. The title is:  

Conjunctive Strategizing: how matter matters in the food system

Everyone is welcome!


Research has traditionally neglected the agential role of non-humans when accounting for the becoming of phenomena in organizations. A more ‘realistic’ account of how social and material phenomena are dynamically interconnected holds an interesting potential in exploring the field of strategizing. In my research, I deploy a theoretical lens of agential realism, a research ontology emphasizing entanglement for studying the material-discursiveness of practices and how this is constitutive for the becoming of organizational phenomena. Based on my longitudinal data, I demonstrate how reconfigurations of matter and meaning are entwined with development and performance in organizations of the food system and how more attention directed towards small, but consequential, differences entailed in the human relationship with the material offers richer, more fine-grained and ‘real’ insights when exploring the impalpable phenomenon of strategizing. Bifurcation, ascriptions of agency and understanding of time, are challenged in my work as I zoom in on how intra-acting ‘agencies’ sediment in an increasingly complex world. The overall objective is to contribute to the discussion of the sociomaterial nature of strategy, strategizing, becoming and to the literature streams of strategy-as-practice and sociomateriality.


Opponents: Klaus Grunert and Nina Lidegaard