INEIS Seminar by Yves Pigneur

Designing business models and similar strategic objects: a design science approach

2017.09.19 | Merete Elmann

Date Fri 13 Oct
Time 09:30 11:00
Location Room 2628-M211, Department of Management, Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University

Friday, 13 October 2017 at 9:30 in room 2628-M211, Yves Pigneur from University of Lausanne will give a presentation entitled   

Designing business models and similar strategic objects: a design science approach


Everyone is welcome!


Based on our work and experience in the field of business models, we suggest that the research focus in strategic management could be improved and enlightened by some of the more conceptual and design science research in IS. We highlight three areas in which design science research in IS could inform research in strategic management and business tool development. The first area concerns the identification, formalization, and visualization of the core constructs and models of interest related to the design and analysis of strategic business issues. The second area corresponds to the exploration of how design thinking techniques and tools might contribute to improving the design of answers and alternatives to strategic business questions. The third area addresses the research in computer-aided design assisting the process of designing strategic management objects such as business models.


Short bio
Dr. Yves Pigneur is professor at the University of Lausanne, and has held visiting professorships at Georgia State University, University of British Columbia, National University of Singapore, and HEC Montreal. Together with Alexander Osterwalder, he invented the Business Model Canvas and authored in 2010 the international bestseller “Business Model Generation”; and more recently “Value Proposition Design”. In November 2015, they were ranked #15 in the Most Influential Business Thinkers by Thinkers50 and received its “Strategy Award”. In 2016, Yves won the Outreach Award, by the Association for Information Systems (AIS).