Martin W. Wallin, professor at the Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden visits Aarhus University on Wednesday 18 February at 13:00 in room 1325-242.

2015.02.12 | Events

Seminar by Martin W. Wallin on information technology and open innovation

Professor Martin W. Wallin from the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg visits the School of Business and Social Sciences at Aarhus University in late February and presents new research about the hidden value of IT investments for process innovation performance

2015.02.05 | Research news

New report paves the way to lower absence levels at vocational schools

A new research report identifies the common causes of absence in students at the Danish vocational institutions and thereby contributes with knowledge about what the school managers and teachers should pay particular attention to in connection with the vocational school reform, which comes into force in August.

Charlotte Jonasson’s research offers a clear message to the vocational schools: If you want to lower the drop-out rate, you need to carefully consider the size and composition of the classes.

2015.02.05 | Research news

Gender balance at vocational schools will lower drop-out rates

Male and female students at the Danish vocational schools thrive better when they are equal in numbers, and they are less inclined to skip class

The Danish vocational education institutions have major problems with student absence and drop-out rates. The new reform of the vocational education system aims to resolve such issues by altering the admission requirements and structure of the education and training programmes.

2015.02.05 | Research news

Dedicated vocational school teachers strengthen the students

The new reform of the Danish vocational education system aims to lower the level of student absence by changing the admission requirements and the structure of the education and training programmes. New research among 280 classes shows that the teachers’ level of commitment and excitement about teaching is crucial for the students’ learning…

If school managers take the young people’s experience and gender into account when dividing them into classes, they may help foster a more healthy class environment and contribute to lowering the level of student absence.

2015.02.05 | Research news

Class composition in vocational schools is crucial for lowering absence levels and increasing student welfare

Danish vocational education and training institutions will be able to attract more committed students and lower the student absence level if they make efforts to combine classes strategically based on gender and the students’ level of work and educational experience

Emma Perriton Strand

2015.02.03 | People

New PhD student joins the Department of Business Administration

Emma Perriton Strand begins her PhD studies 1 February 2015.