Richard Max Burton has been awarded an honorary doctorate by Aarhus University for his ground-breaking research. He has been affiliated with the research centre ICOA for many years.

2016.08.18 | Research news

Professor Richard M Burton

On September 9 Emeritus Professor Richard Max Burton of Duke University in Durham, North Carolina will be awarded an honorary doctorate by Aarhus University for his ground-breaking research.

Anders Villadsen
Jakob Lauring
Dorthe Døjbak Håkonsson

2016.08.17 | People

New professors at Department of Management

Anders Villadsen, Jakob Lauring and Dorthe Døjbak Håkonsson appointed professors from 1 July.

2016.07.26 | Debate

Nature Energy: Consumer behaviours: Teaching children to save energy by Alice Grønhøj

Energy-saving programmes are increasingly targeted at children to encourage household energy conservation. A study involving the assignment of energy-saving interventions to Girl Scouts shows that a child-focused intervention can improve energy-saving behaviours among children and their parents.

2016.06.27 | Knowledge exchange

Specific messages to teach consumers to eat a varied diet

Variety is important, but do we actually know what it means? Not quite, according to a new study from Aarhus BSS at Aarhus University. The study sends an important message to the Danish Health and Medicines Authority and other authorities and organisations that consumers find it difficult to judge what constitutes a varied diet.

2016.06.23 | People

Confidence and hard work lead to competition final

Three international students from Aarhus BSS are warming up for the international final of the L'Oréal case competition. It takes place in Paris on 30 June this year.

2016.06.16 | Agriculture and food

Improved knowledge of shelf life of food

We should avoid food waste but, on the other hand, not risk food poisoning from eating food that is way past its sell-by date. Scientists from Aarhus University have examined how well the Danes know the different types of shelf life labels.

John P. Ulhøi

2016.06.10 | Research news

What social robots can and should do - towards integrative social robotics

Two researchers from Department of Management have joined a four-year research project on Social Robotics

Helle Alsted Søndergaard and John Howells.

2016.06.01 | Meddelelser

Two mobility grants from AUFF

Helle Alsted Søndergaard and John Howells have been awarded large mobility grants from AUFF

Professors Andrea Carugati, Michael Dahl, Lars Frederiksen and René Rohrbeck

2016.05.11 | People

Four new professors at the Department of Management

Andrea Carugati, Michael Dahl, Lars Frederiksen and René Rohrbeck appointed professors from 1 May

2016.05.11 | People

Anne Peschel - now assistant professor

Anne Peschel has been appointed assistant professor at the Marketing Section of the Department of Management

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