Centre for
Corporate Communication

The largest research centre within
corporate communication in Northern Europe

Centre for Corporate Communication is a research centre for the study of corporate communication at Department of Management, Aarhus BSS. Our research emphasises the strategic and managerial perspectives of communication and draws on cross-disciplinary methods and theories.


Finn Frandsen and Winni Johansen with Associate Professor Katerina Tsetsura at the information stand of the research project "SME Leaders and Sustainability – Deliberative Engagement” at World Public Relations Forum, 21-23 September in Madrid.

2014.10.02 | Research news

New Research Project on SME Leaders and Sustainability

Professor Finn Frandsen and Professor Winni Johansen take part in a new European research project on small and medium-sized corporations (SMEs). The purpose of the project is to study how SMEs can collaborate effectively in solving their common and complex long-term business sustainability problems.

2013.10.02 | Events

Leading CSR researchers convened at Aarhus University

Over the course of week 38, the Department of Business Communication was host to “The 2nd International Communication Conference.” The conference was attended by several leading experts in the field of communication, who gave presentations, and the content of the various papers testified to the fact that CSR communication has entered a new phase.

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Finn Frandsen
Centre Director, Professor

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