PhD Seminar

Download the PhD seminar programme here

The 12th EUPRERA PhD seminar will be held on September 25-27 (from Tuesday to Thursday noon).

Great novelties of this edition
The PhD seminar will be organized before the EUPRERA annual congress and the doctoral works will be presented during a special session of the main congress!

The aim of the EUPRERA PhD seminar is to provide an international setting where doctoral students within public relations and strategic communication can present their ongoing work, get feedback from experts and peers and establish a valuable network for the future.

Applicants must submit a one-page abstract by August 21. In addition, you must provide documentation of your enrolment in a PhD programme. The subject of the PhD project must be related to public relations/strategic communication. Please submit to the facilitators (see below).

There will be a limited number of 12 participants. When the mentioned criteria are met, the principle will be first come, first served.

Finally, participants must submit a 10-page paper based on their PhD project, prior to the seminar. It is recommended that the paper is problem focused rather than conclusive. It should be a description of the subject of interest and the theoretical and methodological approach and you should also indicate what kind of feedback you are looking for. Please also indicate in which phase of your PhD you are.

Participants are expected to present their own work during the seminar and to provide written (one-page) feedback for two of the other projects before the seminar. This feedback will be used to propel the discussion during the seminar. Shortly after the 14th of September, a detailed program, all the papers and instructions about presentation and feedback will be distributed.

An important role of the PhD seminar is the opportunity to network with peers. It is important to share the working hours as well as the time for socializing with the seminar group. Therefore, you should not plan private tourist activities during the seminar days.

It is highly recommended that PhD students attend the congress as well as the seminar. You can take advantage of the special package fee including both events. An informal get together will be organized during the first day of the congress to support networking during the congress.

To register for the PhD seminar, please send your abstract to the seminar coordinator first ( Then, if approved, you will receive a password to register.