2017.05.09 | Awards

Irene Pollach receives 2.5 million grant

The Danish Council for Independent Research awards Irene Pollach a grant for the project 'Discursive Power over Financial News'

2017.01.11 | Research news

Speaking of Values

New research grant for project on the impact of communicating values in co-branding by Line Schmeltz and Anna Karina Kjeldsen

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2016.06.13 | People

Focus on strategic communication in the public sector

International Journal of Strategic Communication has published a special issue on strategic communications and public sector organisations. Two of the articles in this special issue are authored by CCC researchers. Helle K. Aggerholm and Christa Thomsen write about legitimation as a particular mode of strategic communication in the public…

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2016.06.13 | People

Honorary Professors at CCC

W. Timothy Coombs, Professor of crisis communication at Texas A&M University and Cynthia Stohl, Professor of Organizational Communication at UC Santa Barbara, will for the next five years serve as honorary professors at CCC and the Department of Business Communication. Tim is a leading expert on crisis communication and has developed the…

2015.11.03 | Private and public companies

Helle Kryger Aggerholm member of prestigious society

Associate professor at Centre for Corporate Communication Helle Kryger Aggerholm has been admitted as member of the Arthur W. Page Society, a professional network for eminent persons within PR and communication.

2015.06.11 | Events

CCI conference in New York

Nine researchers from the Centre for Corporate Communication (CCC) participated in the annual CCI conference – one of the world’s most influential conferences in the field of international corporate communication. The researchers from CCC contributed with new knowledge about change communication, internal communication, employer branding,…

Adjunkt Annette Agerdal-Hjermind

2015.06.04 | Research news

Mærsk Lines brug af sociale medier: Et eksempel, der er værd at følge

Via en gennemgang af Mærsk Lines brug af sociale medier i deres corporate communication på B2B-området, illustrerer adjunkt Annette Agerdal-Hjermind, hvordan succes på de sociale medier afhænger af mennesker og god planlægning, og ikke af teknologien i sig selv.

”Three-tiered dynamic model to guide CSR strategy” - a simple model to guide practitioners in evaluating and guiding contemporary company approaches to CSR.

2015.06.01 | Research news

New simple model to guide companies’ CSR initiatives

Researchers from the Centre for Corporate Communication at Aarhus BSS have developed a new model to help companies in evaluating and framing a reliable and solid CSR programme.

2015.06.01 | Research news

CCC's bidrag til årets ICA-konference

Politisk kommunikation, CSR, sociale medier og PR var overskrifterne på de emner, som seks forskere fra Center for Corporate Communication bidrog med på årets ICA-konference i Puerto Rico.

Ph.d.-studerende Helle Eskesen Gode

2015.05.12 | People

Interne Sociale mediers betydning for virksomheders innovation

Ny ph.d.- studerende ved Center for Virksomhedskommunikation vil sætte fokus på medarbejderes deltagelse i ’open innovation communities’ på virksomheders interne sociale medier. Projektet vil bl.a. kaste lys over, hvorfor og hvordan medarbejderne deltager i dialogen og aktiviteterne på de interne sociale netværk – og hvordan denne aktivitet kan…

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