Centre for Corporate Communication does research that emphasises the strategic and managerial perspectives of communication and draws on cross-disciplinary methods and theories.

Corporate Communication - relation and integration  

As communicative processes increasingly become the focus of society and the marketplace, the need to understand more about the strategic and theoretical groundwork of these processes grows. Within the past 10-15 years, the field and practices of corporate communication have been rapidly expanding and have now proven their worth as strategic cornerstones of any organisation.

Even though the field has matured, the definition of corporate communication is still in flux. In our research, we define corporate communication as the strategic and managerial approach to any formal or informal communicative process which occurs between an organisation and its external and internal stakeholders. The key dimensions of our approach are: relation and integration – as in:

  • the building of relations between the organisation and its key stakeholders
  • the integration of communications activities

These two dimensions support organisations in their endeavours to manage the communicative processes, not necessarily in order to create message consistency, but to coordinate activities in a suitable way between one context and another. 

Innovative research centre since 2001

Centre for Corporate Communication – was founded in 2001.

We have established an innovative centre to support the creative process of original research and academic excellence. We aim to create a stimulating academic environment by attracting well-renowned researchers, supporting the formation of networks and international studies and securing proper funding. 

Centre for Corporate Communication is a research centre dedicated to both theory and practice. We combine cross-disciplinary and multifaceted theories and methodologies; we use both the theoretical foundations of social sciences and the humanities. Our scope is strategic and tactical as well as theoretical and practical, ranging from the textual micro-level to the contextual macro-level. In our research projects, we seek to contribute innovative and original thinking to the field of corporate communication.


We engage and network with businesses and industry around the globe in order to clarify and discover new knowledge within the field of corporate communication. The centre receives visiting professors from all over the world and we have strong relations to research communities worldwide. Our researchers participate in a number of international networks and contribute regularly to peer-reviewed publications as well as international conferences.

Current areas of research

  • Change communication and change management
  • Corporate branding: from identity to reputation
  • Crisis communication and crisis management
  • CSR communication
  • Environmental communication and sustainability
  • New areas of marketing communication
  • Organisational communication and public relations
  • Strategic conversations in organisations