IRIS Groups

The IRIS papers and authors are divided into the following groups. All participants are strongly advised to download the other papers in their group to prepare for the group discussions during the conference. The papers can be downloaded by clicking on the title.

Please follow the IRIS group guidelines


Group 1

Group room: Hawaii Big Island

Group leader: Frank Ulrich

Paper 53:
Investigating Challenge and Curiosity Along the Adoption Process of Mobile Games
Authors: Jani Merikivi, Yong Ding and Virpi Tuunainen

Paper 26:
Barriers to Open-Source Software Adoption: Review and Synthesis
Authors: Dmitrij Petrov and Nikolaus Obwegeser       

Paper 38:
What can we learn about handling the complexity of digitalization from the case ”MobilePay by Danske Bank”?
Author: Mogens Frank Mikkelsen

Paper 45:
Digitisation, a View from South African Financial Services Companies
Authors: Ishe Madzime and Kevin Johnston

Paper 54:
Digitalizing requirement handling in EPC project
Author: Mina Haghshenas

SCIS authors: Karin Väyrynen and Juho Lindman


Group 2

Group room: Maui

Group leader: Per Svejvig


Paper 28: Better and more Efficient Treatment: The Individual and Organizational Impacts of Business Intelligence Use in Health Care Organizations
Authors: Rikke Gaardboe and Per Svejvig

Paper 58:
Understanding the Time and Effort Involved in IT Benefits Realization
Authors: Sabine Madsen, Jeppe Agger Nielsen and Per Svejvig

Paper 73:
Creating health together: how HIS resources can boost co-creation elasticity
Authors: Kathrine Stampe and Birgitte Mahler

Paper 30:
Using the Theory of Practice Architectures to Explore Salespersons Work with Point of Purchase in the Digitized Checkout
Author: Charlotte Arkenback-Sundström

Paper 56:
Design and test of a measurement method for the benefits of technical information
Author: Karin Ahlin

Paper 63: Influence of anthropomorphism on consumer behavior
Author: Elena Mazurova  

Without paper: Frederik Jeppesen


Group 3

Group room: Kahoolawe

Group leader: Jan Pries-Heje


Paper 35: Designing Sustainable Information Systems
Authors: Jan Pries-Heje, Jan Recker and Richard Baskerville

Paper 70:
Technology Affordances for Practicing Healthcare: A Systematic Review and Reinterpretation of Literature
Author: Maria Festila

Paper 61:
Digital Health: The composition of an emerging research area
Author: Puk Skovgaard Mikkelsen

Paper 43:
Framework to Explain the Information Technology Capability Development: Assemblage Theory and Critical Realism perspective
Authors: María Teresa Rodríguez Villabona and Beatriz Helena Díaz Pinzón

Paper 51:
Dynamic Capabilities in Information Systems Research –  A Literature Review
Author: Katriina Vartiainen

Paper 42: Mapping IS research on service robots in welfare: Towards a conceptual framework
Author: Jon Aaen


Group 4

Group room: Lanai

Group leader: Anna Sigridur Islind


Paper 50: Tuning professionalism in the public sector
Authors: Helena Vallo Hult, Anna Sigridur Islind and Livia Norström

Paper 69:
The Translation and Adaptation of Mandated IT: From Central eGovernment Strategy to Local Government Practice
Authors: Charlotte J. Brandt and Jeppe Agger Nielsen

Paper 41:
Searching for a Governance Model to secure the data flow in organizations as required by GDPR
Authors: Lars Magnusson, Sarfraz Iqbal, Anita Mirijamdotter and Patrik Elm

Paper 48:
Agile project portfolio management, new solutions and new challenges: preliminary findings from a case study of an agile organization
Authors: Lars Kristian Hansen and Per Svejvig

Paper 55:
Examining Enterprise Architecture Definitions – Implications from Theory and Practice
Authors: Jarkko Nurmi, Katja Penttinen and Ville Seppänen

Paper 75: The role of the IT-Project Manager in Organizations that Balance Agile and Traditional Software Development
Author: Gitte Tjørnehøj

SCIS author: Torben Tambo


Group 5

Group room: Oahu

Group leader: Johan Lundin


Paper 60: Understanding Mathematics Teachers’ Actions when Using a Digital Assessment System Embedded in Digital Textbooks: an Activity Theoretical Approach
Authors: Marie Utterberg, Martin Tallvid and Johan Lundin

Paper 72:
IS-Driven Process Innovation: A literature Review Bases on Swanson’s Tri-Core Model of IS Innovation
Authors: Henrike Konzag, Sune Dueholm Müller, Ann Nørgaard Dorset and Laura Nicoline Purup-Bramming

Paper 34:
Open innovation in the public sector: Evaluating the impact
Author: Keld Pedersen

Paper 31:
Implementing knowledge management with an enabler of open innovation and a mediator of knowledge management process
Authors: Ing-Long Wu and Ya-Ping Hu

Paper 37: Exploring How Corporate Organizational Culture Affects the Ability to Explore Digital Innovation Opportunities
Author: Dulce Goncalves

Paper 40:
Information Systems Implementation and Organizational Design: A Systematic Literature Review
Authors: Henrike Konzag and Matthew William Hamway

SCIS author: Michela Beretta 

Group 6

Group room: Kauai

Group leader: Jacob Nørbjerg


Paper 62: Strategies of Novice Programmers
Authors: Marjahan Begum, Jacob Nørbjerg and Torkil Clemmensen

Paper 27:
Digital Materiality of Virtual Items
Authors: Josefin Gruvander and Tomi Mustikka

Paper 29:
Digital Entrepreneurship – An Exploratory Empirical Study of Digital Transformation and Entrepreneurship in Beijing
Author: Birte Hansen

Paper 24:
The performativity of information standards: Actants or handicaps
Author: Christian Koch

Paper 25:
A Project Management Framework for Entrepreneurs
Authors: Constance Elizabeth Kampf and Lise Tordrup Heeager


Group 7

Group room: Niihau

Group leader: Hanne W. Nicolajsen


Paper 64: Review for future research in digital leadership
Authors: Raluca Stana, Louise Harder Fischer and Hanne Westh Nicolajsen

Paper 52: Google Arts and Culture project and the “Search with your selfie” feature: A fun pastime or a way to gain more knowledge about culture and art?

Authors: Alena Seredko and Alexandra Weilenmann

Paper 44:
Social Media Management and Coordination: from crossing boundaries to expected interfaces
Authors: Lars Haahr and Constance Elisabeth Kampf

Paper 32: Pricing of digital goods and services
Authors: Gabriella Laatikainen and Arto Ojala

Paper 59: 
Integrated and seamless? Single Parents’ Experiences of Cross-Organizational Interaction
Authors: Christian Madsen and Lars Rune Christensen

Paper 36: 
Challenges and Consequences of Using Internet of Things Sensors in a Citizen Science Initiative
Authors: Karin Ekman and Alexandra Weilenmann


SCIS authors: Thomas Lindgren and Magnus Bergquist 

Group 8

Group room: Molokai

Group leader: Erik Borglund


Paper 39: Affordance for municipal crisis management
Authors: Martina Granholm and Erik Borglund

Paper 46:
Contributors to Online Review Helpfulness: A Literature Review and Agenda for Future Research
Author: Wenjie Fan

Paper 49:
Worries of Open Source Projects’ Contributors: Patterns, Structures And Engagement Implications
Author: Placide Poba-Nzaou and Sylvestre Uwizeyemungu

Paper 47:
Towards Automated, Context-Aware Management of Preservation Submissions
Authors: Parvaneh Westerlund, Ingemar Andersson and Tero Päivärinta

Paper 67:
Boundary Objects or Coordination Mechanisms?  The case of cognitive rehabilitation
Author: Klaudia Carcani and Harald Holone

SCIS author: Liisa Kuonanoja