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Who we are

Under the INEIS section the Innovation Management Group (IMG) brings together a skilled and ambitious group of researchers from various academic backgrounds - among others economics, management, economic geography and philosophy - who aim to understand and explain the management, strategy and economics of innovation and entrepreneurship.

What we do


The group produces and publishes research in the world’s leading scientific journals, encompassing a wide range of interests:

  • Idea generation, management and knowledge sharing
  • Innovation and sourcing
  • Firm capabilities and organization
  • Social networks
  • University-industry interactions
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business development

Our interests are broad and often inter-disciplinary, encompassing diverse theoretical orientations and application of different methods (e.g. statistical analysis, interviews, ethnography, experiments, computer simulations). Our overarching theme and common ground is a preoccupation with the antecedents, processes and outcomes of innovation and entrepreneurship. Empirically, we study individuals, projects, and organizations within a wide range of traditional and modern industries.

Current Research Projects

  • Implications of Envy and Social Comparison within Firms - Funded by the Danish Independent Research Council | Social Science – PI: Michael S. Dahl
  • Competences for Growth - Funded by the Danish Industrial Foundation – PIs: Michael S. Dahl, Anders Frederiksen and Lars Frederiksen
  • Collective problem solving; experiments and computational modelling - Partially funded by Carlsberg – Project led by Jacob Sherson, Department of Physics and Astronomy, with Oana Vuculescu and Carsten Bergenholtz
  •  How individuals integrate evidence when solving problems - Funded by the Interactive Minds Center at Aarhus University – PIs: Anne Peschel, Oana Vuculescu, Carsten Bergenholtz)
  • Evaluating impact from university-industry consortia - Pilot project funded by Arla Foods - Helle Alsted Søndergaard.
  • Entrepreneurship and Inequality - Funded by Aarhus University Research Foundation. PI: Michael S. Dahl in collaboration with Claus Thrane.





The group designs, develops and delivers a large part of the Master of Science in Innovation Management and the Bachelor Profile Innovation and Entrepreneurship, at Aarhus BSS. We also cover other innovation related topics at both Bachelor's, Master's, MBA and PhD level.

Our goal is to provide a comprehensive curricula touching upon the main and latest developments within the field of innovation. We aim at providing students a chance to obtain a successful career in innovation management by involving them in innovative and entrepreneurial thinking and behavior, solid theoretical concepts and frameworks in an interactive and dialogue-oriented environment. Students are immersed in a hands-on program where they can apply state of the art innovation and business development research to solve real problems.

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