MAPP Workshop

The MAPP Workshop takes place in the spring.

The workshop is an international event and an intimate forum, limited to 30 participants.

The focus of the workshop is consumer behaviour and food marketing.

The last workshop took place 19-20 May 2015 in Middelfart, Denmark. The title was
'Food co-creation: product authenticity and household experiences from farm to fork'

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Previous workshops titles: 

  • 11th workshop: Supermarkets: Unlimited labs for analysing customer behaviour in the food sector, 2013
  • 10th workshop, Hedonic marketing: The interaction of sensory and informational characteristics in food products, 2012
  • 9th workshop, Consumer Behaviour in Retail Settings, 2011
  • 8th workshop, Innovative methods in consumer research, 2010 
  • 7th workshop, Food choice and sustainability, 2009 
  • 6th workshop, Family dinner: Opportunities and challenges of researching families and children as food consumers, 2008
  • 5th workshop, Healthy eating: Strategies for behavioural change and market growth, 2007
  • 4th workshop, Food innovation and new product development, 2006
  • 3rd workshop: Consumer reactions to food branding and labelling, 2005
  • 2nd workshop: Consumers, food and convenience, 2004
  • 1st workshop: Consumer perceptions of healthiness of food and consumer acceptance of new functional foods, 2003