MAPP Workshop 2015

12th International MAPP Workshop on Consumer Behaviour and Food Marketing

Hotel Comwell KongebroGaarden, Middelfart, Denmark

19–20 May 2015

Food co-creation: product authenticity and household experiences from farm to fork

Food is the most traditional and ultimate co-creation in our day-to-day life. We buy products that have been produced, processed, transported and traded by numerous actors in the supply chain, each assigning value and meaning to the product. In our home, we add our own opinions and ideas about the food´s origin and characteristics, as well as our competences in handling it, and co-create meals and experiences together with our household members or guests. We understand foods based on the stories attached to it – about the place it comes from and the people who have created it. Given that we ‘are what we eat’, foods and meals play a crucial role in our consumer life. The 12th MAPP workshop explored food co-creation and product´s authenticity from farm to fork.

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