2015.08.08 | Research news

Healthy role models influence teenagers’ eating habits

It’s a common view that adolescents don’t want to listen to their parents, but reality is different – at least when it comes to healthy living. New research from Aarhus BSS (School of Business and Social Sciences at Aarhus University) shows that parents are significant role models for their teenaged children in terms of prompting them to eat fruit…

2015.07.07 | Events

MAPP PhD presentations in August

Four MAPP PhD students present their PhD projects 19 and 21 August 2015

2015.06.29 | Awards

Jessica Aschemann-Witzel, Tino Bech-Larsen and Susanne Kolle win Ethics in Food Marketing Prize

The prize was awarded for the conference abstract ‘Consumer behavior and food waste: factors of relevance and potential for action for food marketers and food marketing research’

2015.06.09 | Research news

Research Grant for Polymeros Chrysochou

Polymeros Chrysochou has received a research grant on health package design

2015.06.08 | People

Travel grant for Martina Therese Kiehas

PhD Student Martina Therese Kiehas has been awarded a travel grant from the Aage and Yelva Nimb Foundation

2015.05.26 | Events

Marketing and Organisation Seminar by Polymeros Chrysochou

Do light claims lead to obesity? An investigation with behavioural data

2015.05.19 | Events

PhD Defence - Susanne Pedersen

Adolescents’ healthy eating – A socio-cognitive approach to studying consumer socialization and behavior change

2015.05.04 | Research news

What to do about food waste? - First results from the COSUS project

The COSUS project provides an overview of consumers and food waste.

2015.04.27 | Research news

Happier pigs in Denmark in the future

Who is responsible for ensuring animal welfare for Danish pigs? Is it the swine industry, the retailers or the consumers? According to a group of researchers, the road to better conditions in piggeries is long. But there is a good chance that we will get there.

2015.04.15 | Events

Marketing and Organisation Seminar by Professor Martin Yeomans

The effects of food labels on expectations, appetite and satiety

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