Rio de Janeiro

2014.08.25 | Events

MAPP Seminar - Rosires Deliza

Exploring Cross-Cultural Conceptualization of Wellbeing in the Context of Food Consumption

2014.08.15 | Events

3rd Annual PhD presentation - Pernille Haugaard

Consumer perceptions of meal satisfaction and the influencing factors

2014.07.03 | Events

MAPP PhD presentations in August

Violeta Stefan and Alexandra Florina Festila present their PhD projects 18-19 August 2014

Mark Lang from the Department of Food Marketing at Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia saying welcome to all participants.

2014.06.25 | Knowledge exchange

Leading international food researchers convened at Aarhus University

The Department of Food Marketing at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia and MAPP at Aarhus University have successfully hosted the 2014 International Food Marketing Research Symposium. Several leading experts in marketing and food attended the symposium.

2014.06.03 | Events

3rd Annual PhD presentation - Livia Marian

Exploring consumer quality perceptions of organic meat

2014.05.13 | Events

3rd Annual PhD presentation -Toula Perrea

The power of general attitudes in exploring Customer Value (CV) & Relational Outcomes in a high tech, multi-country context

2014.05.01 | Events

Food in the Future - MAPP at the Festival of Research 2014

Trine Mørk and Polymeros Chrysochou from the MAPP Centre gave lectures at the annual Festival of Research at Aarhus University 25 April.

2014.04.11 | Research news

COSUS - a new MAPP project

Consumers in a sustainable food supply chain: understanding barriers and facilitators for acceptance of visually suboptimal foods

Alexandra Kraus, Department of Business Administration.

2014.04.10 | Events

PhD Defence: Alexandra Kraus

Indirect Procedures for the Measurement of Approach-Avoidance Motivation

2014.04.09 | Knowledge exchange

Are the organic consumers of the future just a bunch of hippies?

The answer is both yes and no. Today’s organic consumers still have a little bit of hippie left in them, and they appear to be compassionate and tolerant people who are keen to protect the environment. But for organic consumers, ecology is also a matter of self-indulgence, and personal gratification plays a significant part in their consumer…

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