2014.02.21 | Research news

Kickoff meeting of new FP7 project DIVERSIFY

Press release from the new European Commission project DIVERSIFY on enhancing the European aquaculture production, in which the MAPP Centre is a partner.

2014.02.19 | Events

Marketing & Organisation Seminar on sustainable wine by Riccardo Vecchio

'Consumer willingness to pay for sustainably produced wine – an experimental auction approach'

As a consumer you want to reduce the environmental impact of your food consumption, the most efficient approach is to eat less meat, especially beef. Photo: Jesper Rais.

2013.12.20 | Knowledge exchange

We should eat less beef

If we are to make sure that everyone has enough to eat in the future, we should review our eating habits. Our high consumption of meat, especially beef, has a significant environmental impact and puts pressure on the world’s food resources. But it is not easy to get people to buy fewer burgers and consume less red meat. We need a lot of different…

2013.12.17 | Events

MAPP PhD presentations

Thomas Preetzmann and Anne Peschel present their PhD projects 13-14 January

2013.09.10 | People

Professor in consumer behaviour and food choice

Liisa Lähteenmäki has been appointed professor in consumer behaviour and food choice

2013.09.02 | People

Two new PhD students join MAPP

Alexandra Florina Festila and Violeta Stefan begin their PhD studies 1 September 2013.

2013.08.08 | Events

Marketing and organisation seminar

Implicit change detection as a moderator of the mere exposure effect

2013.07.11 | Events

MAPP PhD presentations

Livia Mariann, Liliya Nureeva and Pernille Haugaard present their PhD projects 22-23 August

2013.04.29 | People

Professor in customer relations in the food sector

Whether it is better eating habits, consumer behaviour, health or food packaging, Tino Bech-Larsen has always circled around the research field of food and consumer behaviour. Now he is appointed professor.

Originally from Greece, Athanasios Krystallis, an Aarhus University staff member, has now been made a professor of foods and consumer behaviour. Photo: Colourbox

2013.04.29 | People

Professor of food and consumer behaviour with Greek roots

It has always been about food. Athanasios Krystallis has travelled all over the world and become an expert within his field. He has always tried to hone his competencies and acquire more knowledge. This has now culminated in a professorship in foods and consumer behaviour at Aarhus University.

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