PhD presentation at Department of Mangement

3rd year presentation by MAPP PhD Student Christos Kavvouris

2017.08.18 | Merete Elmann

Christos Kavvouris

Wednesday 30 August at 10:00 in room 2628-M303, Christos Kavvouris presents his PhD project entitled:

Psychological reactance to pro-environmental normative appeals

This PhD project explores how consumers react to pro-environmental normative appeals by focusing on the psychological reactance theory, which posits that any attempt to persuade individuals to change their current attitude or behavior may be perceived as a threat to their individual agency, and thus as a threat (of elimination) of their freedom. I show cross-culturally and across behaviors that psychological reactance is a two-step process, with perceived threat to freedom and counter-arguing serially mediating the effect of reactance-provoking normative appeals on behavioral intentions. Further, I investigate how the above relationships are affected by various constructs such as self-construal and regulatory focus. Implications for theory and practice are discussed.

Opponents: Alexandra Festila and Jacob Lund Orquin