Designing Organisations for the Future

ICOA finds the interdisciplinary approach fundamental in the engagement of organisational architecture in order to create a holistic mindset/framework.

ICOA people are part of an interdisciplinary and international team which represents both researchers and practicians with backgrounds ranging from theology, to business, physics, economics and natural science. Together these people create an inspiring space for research, ideas and innovation.

News from ICOA

2015.11.13 | News type

Seminar about African challenges

23-24 November ICOA and the Department of Management will host a strategy seminar for the Maasai Mara Science and Development Initiative

2015.10.07 | Administrative conditions


From 2016 ICOA will be part of the Department of Management. We will move to our new location already 9. October 2015

2015.08.28 | Knowledge exchange

New volume launched: Journal of Organization Design Volume 4, Issue 2, now online!

It is a great pleasure to announce that the Organizational Design Community has published volume 4, issue number 2, 2015, of the Journal of Organization Design. In this issue we introduce our new series called Organization Zoo.

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