Designing Organisations for the Future

ICOA finds the interdisciplinary approach fundamental in the engagement of organisational architecture in order to create a holistic mindset/framework.

ICOA people are part of an interdisciplinary and international team which represents both researchers and practicians with backgrounds ranging from theology, to business, physics, economics and natural science. Together these people create an inspiring space for research, ideas and innovation.

News from ICOA

2014.09.30 | Knowledge exchange, DESIGN-EM

A new reseach project will look at incentive systems and work motivation in the hospital

Postdoc Elena Shulzhenko will analyze how hospital budget systems and incentive systems contribute to achieving high quality of care in emergency departments.

2014.09.30 | Knowledge exchange, DESIGN-EM

Prototyping an important tool to design the organization at emergency departments

Two emergency departments in the Central Denmark Region have tested how prototyping can be a valuable method to develop new processes and organizational structure. ICOA observed and evaluated the process.

2014.09.16 | Knowledge exchange

Failure can lead to success

Saturday 13 October associate professor Dorthe Døjbak Håkonsson appeared at the national television channel DR2. They ran a special Saturday-night theme on “Failure” and Dorthe Døjbak had the opportunity to present some of her work, including new research results from the MINDLAB project.

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