2018.06.07 | Events

PhD Defence: Iben Duvald Pedersen

Exploring and Explaining the Weekend Effect

2018.02.15 | Events

JOD Conference: New Trends in Organization Design

29-31 May at the Sandbjerg Estate, Denmark

2018.02.07 | Events

DESIGN-EM konference om organisering af akutafdelinger

Patientsikkerhed og akutafdelingernes organisering: Hvad er sammenhængen?

2017.12.20 | Events

ICOA Seminar by Pavel Král

Organizational transparency: How to make organizations transparent?

2017.12.14 | Knowledge exchange

Digital transformation: Will your next boss be a robot?

In order to compete in the digital world, companies must develop to become digital themselves. This means new types of work, new demands for employee skills and new ways of organising the companies.

2017.12.04 | Events

ICOA Seminar by Ginaluca Carnabuci

Good for one but bad for most? How intra-organizational networks impact innovative performance at the inventor and firm level

2017.10.30 | Events

ICOA Seminar by Filippo Carlo Wezel

Diversity and Performance in the Multinational Firm: Evidence from the Ships of the Dutch East India Company, 1700-1796

2017.10.10 | Events

ICOA Seminar by Iben Duvald

3rd year presentation: Can misfits between information processing requirements and capacities be a possible explanation of the weekend effect within an emergency department?

Pavel Král
Vera Kralova
Jessica Arias

2017.09.26 | People

Visitors at ICOA

Pavel Král, Vera Kralova and Jessica Arias are visiting ICOA in the autumn

Professor Charles Baden-Fuller

2017.09.06 | Events

ICOA Seminar by Charles Baden-Fuller

Business Models and their Role in the Digital Economy

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