2012.08.13 | Events, Knowledge exchange

The Inaugural ODC Conference at Harvard Business School

Members of ICOA join prominent scholars and practitioners in Boston to participate in the inaugural Organizational Design Community conference held at and sponsored by Harvard Business School.

2012.08.08 | Research news, People , Awards

Linda Argote receives the OMT Distinguished Scholar Award 2012

Visiting professor at ICOA, Linda Argote, named the OMT Distinguished Scholar for 2012 and was celebrated at the Academy of Management in Boston.

2012.08.03 | Research news

Journal of Organization Design publishes Volume 1 Issue 2

The Organizational Design Community publishes its full issue of Journal of Organization Design during the inaugural ODC conference held at Harvard Business School.

The Ruskin Library, Lancaster University

2012.07.14 | Research news, Education, learning and philosophy

Linda Greve gets Honorable Mention - Best PhD-paper at RaAM 2012

The theme for the Researching and Analyzing Metaphors (RaAM) Conference 2012 was "Metaphor in Mind and Society".

2012.07.05 | Knowledge exchange, Business and finance, People and cultures

Changing Organizations

Why should organizations constantly change and be more efficient? How should an organization increase efficiency and what is the best way to motivate employees? Can organizational change be the solution that saves Danish workplaces?

2012.05.31 | Research news

Researchers look into the future of global organizations

In co-operation with leading researchers in organization design, researchers from Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences have created the world's first scientific journal focusing on finding design solutions to the complex organizational challenges that global companies will face in future.

The global competition PRME LEADERS+20 encourages students and lecturers worldwide to make suggestions for how the leaders of tomorrow should be educated.

2012.05.07 | Environment, climate and energy, Events

UN and Aarhus University launch global competition aimed at the leaders of tomorrow

Two students and their lecturer have won a trip to the UN Rio+20 Conference for Sustainable Development. They will present their project about how universities and business schools can create future leaders of a sustainable world.

2012.05.03 | Research news, IT, computer science and mathematics

Merger of data storage, processing power and network connections to strengthen Danish research

Danish Center for Scientific Computing (DCSC) and the Danish research network Forskningsnettet has merged into Danish e?infrastructure Cooperation (DeIC). This has been done in order to strengthen the Danish effort in the e?science area, and thereby ensuring Danish research prominence internationally.

2012.05.01 | Events, Knowledge exchange, People

Strengths and challenges of the matrix organization

Børge Obel will be presenting the matrix organization at an inspiration seminar on university management development at the University of Copenhagen on 16 May 2012.

2012.04.11 | Events

The Inaugural ODC Conference in Boston

The inaugural ODC conference on “The Future of Organization Design” for ODC members will be held at the Harvard Business School on Friday, August 3, 2012. The ODC annual meeting will be held at the end of the conference.

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