JOD Conference: New Trends in Organization Design

In private as well as public organizations we see changing organizational forms, growing importance of ecosystems for competitive advance, the emergence of platform organizations, the increase in hybrid organizations, and many different experiments with flat organizations (absent hierarchy) -  The field of organizational design is undergoing a renaissance, and the Journal of Organization Design (JOD) conference is devoted to explore new trends in organization design, including new themes and methods within the field.

The Journal of Organization Design
The Journal of Organization Design (JOD) is the official journal of the Organization Design Community (ODC). JOD is the only academic journal focused uniquely on the subject of organization design. The mission of the Journal of Organization Design (JOD) is to publish theoretical and empirical research on organization design. Effective organization design requires both science and art, and the best theorists and practitioners have a deep understanding of how organizations work as well as how they can be redesigned and changed. JOD seeks to bridge the gap between academics and practitioners by publishing articles that have practical implications for the designers and managers of organizations

After six years as chief editors, Børge Obel and Charles Snow are handling over the reins to JOD’s new co-editors, John Joseph (University of California, Irvine), and Metin Sengul (Boston).

The conference
To celebrate previous achievements and anticipate those to come, we are arranging a small conference. The number of participants will be limited to allow everybody to indulge in elaborate discussions and informal networking.

Keynote speakers

  • Charles Snow (Professor Emeritus, Penn State University, Co-founding editor of JOD)
  • John Joseph (Associate Professor of Strategy at the University of California & Co-Chief editor of JOD)
  • Metin Sengul (Associate Professor, Boston College & Co-founding editor of JOD).

Programme committee

The program committee consists of

  • Richard Burton (Professor Emeritus at Duke University)
  • Dorthe Døjbak Håkonsson (Professor, ICOA, Aarhus University & ODC Board member)
  • Erik Reimer Larsen (Professor, ICOA, Aarhus University)
  • Børge Obel (Professor & Center Director ICOA, Aarhus University)
  • John Joseph (Associate Professor of Strategy at the University of California & Co-Chief editor of JOD)
  • Metin Sengul (Associate Professor, Boston College & Co-Chief editor of JOD)

Time and place

Sandbjerg Gods
Sandbjergvej 102
6400  Sønderborg

How to reach Sandbjerg

29 May 2018, at 19.00 - 31 May 2018 after lunch at 13:00

Practical information

  • Aarhus University will sponsor room and board for the conference.
  • Participants will pay for their own travel expences.

Conference programme

See the programme

Conference abstracts

Download abstracts

Confirmed participants

Some of the scholars who have already committed to attend include: Carliss Baldwin (Harvard University), Phanish Puranam (INSEAD (via Skype)), Brian Wu (U Michigan Ross), Stephan Billinger (Syddansk University), Oliver,Baumann (Syddansk University), Ronald Klingebiel (Frankfurt School of Finance and Management), Kristina Lauche (Radboud University Nijmegen), Vegaard Kolbjørnsrud (BI Oslo), Henk Volberda (Erasmus, Rotterdam)

The Journal of Organization Design (JOD) will have a thematic series on New Trends in Organization Design for potential publication of papers presented at the conference.

Inger Larsen

Department SecretaryDepartment of Management