MINDLab "Organisations"

MINDLab is a cross disciplinary research project funded by UNIK, and headed by Leif Østergaard at CFIN (Center for Functionally Integrative Neuroscience). In MINDLabneuroscientists, psychologists, biologists, statisticians and many others work together in an effort to understand the brain, its disorder, and its development through physical and social interactions – and vice versa.

Within the MINDLab regime, ICOA heads the sub project "Organisations", which strives to achieve a better understanding of the micro-level information processing of groups in organisations, in particular how shared emotions influence their information processing and decision making behavior.

Organisational Design research often conceptualizes organizations as a large number of interdependent subunits and individuals each of whom has its own goals and processes. When focusing on organisational structures and processes to achieve efficient coordinated planning and control, the study of human information processing needs and abilities becomes essential.

By gaining a better understanding of the impact of shared emotions on group information processing we can achieve a new and better understanding of how to manage emotions, and thereby potentially create better organisation and management theories.

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