Our aim is to create a platform for international research on negotiation and negotiation related topics.

We have chosen the name INTRA to indicate:

  • Its international character. We are starting out this initiative from Europe, but explicitly also welcome scholars from outside Europe.
  • The focus on negotiation, conflict studies and related topics.
  • The focus on academic scholars. However, the activities will go beyond mere research and particularly encompass education.
  • Our informal approach. For the time being we aim at forming an interest based network and no legal unit (no membership fees). The network might, however, evolve over time towards a more formal organisation.

INTRA meeting 2019

INTRA’s next meeting will be held in Kyoto, Japan, at Kyoto University on Thursday, 28 March 2019, at 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Here you can download the Call for Proposals

INTRA invites proposals on the topics of Negotiation, especially regarding:

  • identifying and measuring negotiation ability;
  • cognitive aspects of negotiation; and
  • impact of negotiation on individuals

Proposals are invited for presentations, workshops, and panel sessions.

Presentation format: 20 minutes of presentation time followed up 10 minutes of Q&A.  A discussant may be appointed at your request. 

Workshop format: Workshops shall be designed for one hour sessions and may be for pedagogical development, demonstration of negotiation concepts, or other purposes.

Panel sessions: These may be designed for 30 minute or one hour sessions.  Please include the names of the panelists and moderator who will participate.

Please send an abstract (250-3050 words) as well as key references by email to Will Baber at  Deadline for submission: October 30, 2018.  Acceptance will be confirmed by December 30, 2018.

Proceedings: An informal conference proceedings will be published on-line containing abstracts, selected presentation slides, and keynote speeches or summaries, as well as workshop overviews and summarized highlights. 


TNC 2019

INTRA 2019 will be followed on March 29 and 30 by The Negotiation Challenge (TNC), a student competition featuring graduate level teams from around the world.

For further info on The Negotiation Challenge, please visit:

Welcome to INTRA

INTRA is short for International Negotiation and Teaching Research Association