Strategic Foresight Research Network

What we do

How can companies create superior positions in markets of the future? This is the focal question of our research network. In essence, we are dedicated to exploring the practices that can be used to anticipate, plan for as well as shape the future.

For more than 10 years, we have been advancing a research programme which explores the concepts of strategic foresight, corporate venturing and business model innovation practices. A key development has been a maturity model to assess the future orientation of a company. We use the maturity model regularly to conduct case and benchmarking studies. We also trace how different practices relate to company performance, as well as explore the role of managerial cognition.

Head of network

Members of network

Siri Bøe-Lillegraven
Eelko Huizingh
Sara Moqaddamerad
Tobias Heger
Jan Oliver Schwarz
Kent Thorén
Christina Bidmon
Adam Vigdor Gordon
Sebastian Knab
Erik Reimer Larsen
Anna B. Holm
Matthew Jon Spaniol
Troels Christian Andersen
Henrik B. Sørensen

Research affiliation