Nordic Conference on Consumer Research

18-19 May 2016 at Aarhus University

Welcome to the MAPP Centre – Research on Value Creation in the Food Sector for Consumers, Industry and Society

We do research on the development, marketing and distribution of foods and the societal impact of the food sector. Come back for news on our research, new publications and events.

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MAPP Conference 2015 - Food and Identity

The MAPP Centre invites you to a one-day conference where we look at food and identity in the light of research on the way in which consumers relate to food, and where we look at how better insight into the relationship between food and identity is useful for both food industry and public policy.

The MAPP Conference takes place Wednesday 25 November 2015 at Comwell Kongebrogaarden in Middelfart.

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Nordic Conference on Consumer Research 2016

We are happy to welcome consumer researchers from a broad scope of disciplines to participate in the 4th Nordic Conference on Consumer Research hosted by the Department of Management at Aarhus University. The conference takes place 18-19 May 2016 in Aarhus, Denmark.

The conference sheds light on the theoretical and methodological pluralism that Nordic Consumer Research encompasses. Conference themes will cover a variety of perspectives, encompassing psychological, sociological and economic approaches to exploring consumer behaviour, experimental research, interpretative studies, analysis of transaction data, and neuromarketing approaches. Interdisciplinary research is especially welcome. While the focus is on the Nordic countries, all participants are welcome. There will be the possibility both to submit individual papers and to propose special topic sessions.

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2015.09.30 | Events

PhD Defence: Toula Perrea

The role of value perceptions in consumers' acceptance of innovations in food

2015.09.30 | Events

Muscle Based Food Network Seminar at Danish Crown in Randers

License to produce & positioning of meat/meat products to the consumer

2015.09.21 | Awards

John Thøgersen receives the Danish Marketing Research Award

On Thursday 1 October 2015, John Thøgersen from Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University will receive the Danish Marketing Research Award. The award is given in recognition of valuable research within the field of marketing.


Recently published peer-reviewed journal articles

  • Schnettler, B., Horacio, M., Germán, L., Sepúlveda, J., Orellana, L., Mora, M., & Grunert, K. G. (2015). Willingness to purchase functional foods according to their benefits: consumer profiles in Southern Chile. British Food Journal, 117(5), 1453-1473.
  • Schnettler, B. L., Grunert, K. G., Orellana, L. M., Mora, M., Sepúlveda, J. A., Miranda, H., & Etchebarne, S. (2015). Relationship between the domains of the Multidimensional Students’ Life Satisfaction Scale, satisfaction with food-related life and happiness in university students. Nutricion Hospitalaria, 31(6), 2752-2763.
  • Aschemann-Witzel, J., Hooge, I. D., Amani, P., Bech-Larsen, T., & Oostindjer, M. (2015). Consumer-Related Food Waste: Causes and Potential for Action. Sustainability, 7, 6457-6477
  • Thøgersen, J., Barcellos, M. D. D., Perin , M. G., & Zhou, Y. (2015). Consumer buying motives and attitudes towards organic food in two emerging markets: China and Brazil. International Marketing Review, 32, 389 - 413.
  • Grunert, K. G. (2015). The common ground between sensory and consumer science. Food Science, 3, 19-22

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