About Us

The Center for Hybrid Intelligence is an interdisciplinary research team exploring digital interfaces that facilitate collaboration between humans and algorithms and explores how humans can use advanced technology as a 21st century superpower for solving complex problems in ethical ways.

We work across disciplines, fields, and organization types, collaborating on research, training, education, and game development. We are inclusive, creative, and focused on real-world impact and we share a passion for making sure that human-machine synergies are serving the best interests of humanity. We believe that solutions to complex problems are most likely to be found at the intersection of diverse perspectives, using the potent combination of human and machine intelligence, namely hybrid intelligence. 

At our Center, we are passionate about exploring the potential of hybrid intelligence to impact real-world problems. There are immense opportunities to use AI and other advanced technology to create good in the world. However, we believe it to be essential to keep humans in the driving seat.Human ingenuity, intuition, and creativity are what makes this possible. What motivates us is the opportunity to maximize societal impact by making these human inventions serve the best interests of society. 

Our goal is to strengthen human partnership with technology and prepare and inspire people for emergent futures. Keeping the Sustainable Development Goals in mind, we frame our work in the context of improving the world we live in.

Our Work

We have a passion for conducting cutting-edge scientific research relating to hybrid intelligence and areas where hybrid intelligence can make a difference