Our Projects

At Center for Hybrid Intelligence, we have a wide variety of projects, ranging from research games to educational tools, user studies, and meta analyses. 

The public can join us, for example by creating their vision of the future in crea.visions and help us gain valuable knowledge about creativity. Or they can find their gaming superpower through a range of tasks in Skill Lab, while we in turn learn something about human cognition.

We also use our simulations and games as educational tools to help students understand complex subjects. We call it Thinking with Technology Tools and it gives students a visual aid in their education which traditional teaching does not offer.

If you want to know more about our projects see the full list below.

Corona Minister

The Corona Minister dilemma game was developed as a conversation starter and eye-opener about the difficult decisions politicians have to make during a pandemic like the COVID-19 pandemic and about the related consequences of those decisions

Research-Enabling Game-Based Education

Research-Enabling Game-Based Education, or ReGAME, is a framework for learning trajectories that can be integrated into school curricula, linking research and traditional classroom education. It utilizes gamification and citizen science to foster students’ curiosity and creativity while also contributing to solving real-world research problems

Giv de unge ordet

Giving Youth a Voice through collaborating and co-creating the research project and science communication materials focused on mental health, personal data and the use of technology