Human+AI Photo Editing in Real Estate

Real Estate Marketing of the Future

Esoft is a multinational real estate marketing company. Since we partnered up in 2021, we are running several applied research projects on Hybrid Intelligence in the marketing industry with them. We aim to study the design, development and implementation of a Hybrid system (Human+AI) in a corporate context. Esoft is a great case, as they have several touchpoints between human experts and AI augmentation (e.g., photo editors augmented with image processing AI, sales responsibles augmented by data analytics, etc.). We aim to extract success factors around Hybrid Intelligence design, that can be universally applied in other corporate settings and context.


Q1-Q2 2022: One master thesis project with the title "A Development Life-Cycle for Hybrid Intelligence Systems", designed an actionable Hybrid Intelligence (HI) development framework and applied and tested its usefulness in a corporate context at Esoft. The framework is aiming to guide practitioners in designing HI applications and inspiring researchers in the further development of actionable HI design and implementation guidelines. In order to test its usefulness we applied the AI development framework on the industrial photo editing business of Esoft. One concrete output is an "AI+Human Photo Editing Web-Application" - prototype (see link below). Human and AI work collaboratively together and learn from each other while interacting (Goal: "Interactive Machine Learning").

Q3-Q4 2022: The latest project is executing a Strategic AI Transformation Analysis on the real estate marketing industry. We research on how AI might change the business up-side-down and how Hybrid Intelligence can be an answer to the market disruptions. We conduct interviews with internal as well as external industry leaders and evaluate the disruptive potential.

Check out the developed photo editor: