Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) lies at the intersection of Computer Science and Linguistics, and broadly encompasses the use of computational methods, often combined with Machine Learning (ML), to analyze written or spoken language. As more and more texts of social importance are digitalized, NLP provides methods and approaches to analyzing these texts at a scale and speed that would not be possible with traditional, human-based analysis. 

Acquiring the coding and mathematical skills necessary to use NLP takes years. We designed NaturalLanguageProcessing4All to give everyone the possibility to use NLP-methods on large corpora of data.

What is NaturalLanguageProcessing4All (NLP4All)? 

NLP4All is a web-based tool designed to help non-programmers with little or no NLP-experience analyze text. It is designed to support people in the process of making sense of texts, in particular focusing on classification tasks. It does so by visually emphasizing specific linguistic features that stand out as important in individual texts, and helps users test – at large scale – the fitness of these features for classification.  

Natural Language Processing is used across industries and research to answer questions ranging from, “what kinds of product text sells best?” to, “how do different political parties communicate on Twitter?” 

What can you use NLP4All for? 

As a teacher, at the university or school-level, you can use NLP4All to teach your students about language analysis. As a researcher without programming experience, you can use NLP4All to analyze texts of interest to your field. 

At Center for Hybrid Intelligence, we have implemented and tested NLP4All in a variety of educational contexts, from high school to the master’s level, and are in the process of expanding its analysis features and use contexts. If you are interested in using NLP4All, please get in touch