What is OptimizerSpace? 

OptimizerSpace is an online web-tool, designed to support non-mathematicians while they perform optimization. Optimization – the process of iteratively finding better solutions to some problem space – can be used for a variety of purposes, ranging from designing better products, to minimizing risks.

Optimization is typically done using many-dimensional calculus, making it difficult or impossible for people without many years of specialized mathematics training to do. OptimizerSpace visualizes inputs and outputs, and thereby helps people try to narrow down parts of a solution space that are worth exploring further.  


What can you use OptimizerSpace for? 

As a teacher, OptimizerSpace can help you better communicate to your students how to visualize and analyze a variety of problem spaces. 

At Center for Hybrid Intelligence, we have used OptimzerSpace to teach analysis of complex systems at the high school level, and are currently expanding its features and use cases.