Quantum Carnival

This game is no longer available. If you wish to contribute to our research in this area you can download Quantum Moves 2.

Deep in the heart of scientific progress, a group of physicists have set up a seemingly out-of-place experiment: a colorful tent, hooked up to heavy equipment. You are invited to play for a while and not worry too much about the sound of data being recorded.

Quantum Carnival is a meta-reflection of the ScienceAtHome project - a game about scientists making a game to gather data, made by scientists to gather data. This setting was chosen to enable a playful exploration of the frame of the project.

Quantum Carnival tent is inspired by the game Mini Mix Mayhem and the traditional shooting tents you can find in the fun fair. The game itself is a spin-off of the original ScienceAtHome Quantum Moves game. A new setting requires the player to react to quantum frames appearing in four corners of the game area. As the player scores points, the tasks increase in difficulty and allows for temporary pauses before a new task is introduced. If the tempo might is too hectic in the long run, pausing and pacing it is crucial to get achieve the right score.

We have high hopes that the amount of tasks the player must complete, will generate a large amount of data for the experiment.

So, go ahead and join a team of physicists, who have created a fun, data-gathering carnival in their lab!

This game helps our research in:

  • Optimal control of atoms.
  • Building foundation for Quantum Technology.
  • Human intuition in combination with optimization algorithms.