Elite Module in Digital Transformation

On the Elite Module in Digital Transformation, we unite some of our most ambitious students with the latest research and most talented researchers as well as a dedicated group of partner companies. 

As an Elite Module student you will get:

  • High-level, interactive teaching
  • Practical as well as theoretical knowledge in an area hungering for strong competences
  • Internship-like experience
  • Excellent network opportunities
  • International perspective
  • Relevant casework for real firms
  • An exciting and challenging study trip abroad
  • Ambitious peer students from different study programmes

Strong subject units, strong company relations – and a study trip

The Elite Module offers the ultimate combination of high-level teaching, a solid research foundation, an internship assignment in cooperation with dedicated partner companies and an exciting study trip abroad including teaching by international top researchers as well as interesting company visits.

The course is for 3rd semester students in MSc in Economics and Business Administration and covers how digitalization affects our current knowledge of firms and firm behavior – from a theoretical as well as from a practical perspective.

The students will use theories, cases, knowledge and skills to understand and analyse the complex new demand facing existing models in the digital economy. This includes the perspective of network, communities and ecosystems. Company visits and casework plays a major part throughout the semester.

Structure and description of the Elite Module

The Elite Module consists of three inter-related courses in a 30 ECTS package. The Elite Module takes a holistic approach to the overall theme Digital Transformation. A strong team of lecturers from the Department of Management will be in charge of the teaching, but guest lecturers from other universities and partner companies will also play a significant role during the Elite Module in order to ensure an inspiring and challenging teaching environment. See the structure and the description of the courses below

Structure of the Elite Module


Mastering Disruptive Business Models and Customer Touchpoints  - Elite Module 1

Part 1: The Digital Firm

Part 2: Innovation and Business Development in the Digital Economy

Part 3: Marketing, Customer and Value Chain Management


Oral exam, internal examiner

Case assignment    

Managing the Modern Firm: Leadership and Organisation  - Elite Module 2

Part 1: Organisation, Management and Leadership

Part 2: Advanced Theoretical Perspectivation

Part 3: Field Study with International Perspective: Technology Management    
10     Oral exam, internal examiner
Oral exam based on research assignment 

Project assignment: Digital Transformation in Practice
- Elite Module 3

Project assignment

10    Grade based on the project assignment

Partner companies 


- and more to come

Become a partner

- and meet some of our most dedicated students 

As a partner, you will get:

  • Direct access to talented and ambitious Master’s degree students in Economics and Business Administration who have the academic level and motivation required to be selected for the Elite Module
  • The opportunity to formulate a project assignment to be solved as a mini-internship by one or more of our students.
  • Access to our exclusive networking group for present and former students and partners of the Elite Module
  • Invitations for at least three networking events where we will present the latest knowledge within the field of digital transformation.
  • Two tickets for the Digital 2021 conference at Aarhus BSS in September 2021.   


Find out more about becoming a partner

"Being part of the programme has provided me with new perspectives for analysing and solving problems for organisations in our era where digital technologies are changing competition. The programme has given me a different understanding of what challenges and opportunities companies are running into as the industry changes, but more importantly also ideas on how to engage differently with customers and partners in an ecosystem to remain important players in the industry."

André Valgren Steensen 
Business consultant and Scrum master

"The programme forged a solid foundation for grasping the business environment of tomorrow. By committing to 4 months fulltime studying, I became thoroughly introduced to the vast variety of state-of-the-art research in Digital Transformation. Also, I gained hands-on experience of how ‘real’ companies actually deal with the opportunities and challenges following. Priceless and inspiring 4 months for if you are motivated by how digitalisation affects all aspects of business."

Emil Halling
Project Manager, Digital Customer Excellence

"We have enjoyed collaborating with the students at the Elite Module in Digital Transformation who have contributed with adequate interruptions in the form of good questions, theoretical perspectives and potential lines of action. In the dialogue with the students, we have been invited to reflect on things that we may just have taken for granted. At the end of the course, we have received two reports that thoroughly analyse issues which are current and relevant to us and our customers. We have also been pleased with the professional way in which the collaboration has been run by Aarhus University, and we are happy to recommend other companies to participate as partners in the elite module."

Lars Munch Svendsen
Finanssektorens Uddannelsescenter

"The program was a unique opportunity for me to gain knowledge about probably the hottest topic in large companies today - Digital Transformation. Companies are competing to attract the limited number of young talents who have experience with Digital Transformation. The Elite Program will make your CV stand out."

Jeppe Midjord
IT Business Consultant

"The report we received from the Elite Module students has been useful to our company in several ways. First of all, our new steps in Triscan’s digital strategy have been confirmed on an objective basis. Secondly, we have received new and interesting input which will be part of our considerations about the further development of our business model and strategy."

Thomas Fuglsang Andersen