Strengths and challenges of the matrix organization

Børge Obel will be presenting the matrix organization at an inspiration seminar on university management development at the University of Copenhagen on 16 May 2012.

Future organizations must be able to handle complex, cross disciplinary and organizational challenges. Leaders in universities have - if any - good and bad experiences with managing the workplace on a daily basis that is characterized by many contemporary forms of organization, including the matrix organization. With a starting point organizational theory Professor Børge Obel invites the university leaders to a close study of the strengths and challenges of the matrix organization.

Børge Obel is a recognized and experienced researcher in the field of organizational theory and an experienced leader in university academia. He has conducted research in management and organizational architecture through a number of years and has been Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences at Odense University 1994-97, rector at Aarhus School of Business 2004-06 and dean 2007-10 at the same place after the merger with Aarhus University. Since 2011 he has been director of the research center, Interdisciplinary Center for Organizational Architecture (ICOA) at Aarhus University.