Upcoming event calender

Tue 11 May
14:00-17:00 | via Teams
PhD defence: Pedro Vieira Mesquita
New Perspectives on Collaboration in R&D Activities
Fri 21 May
13:00-14:00 | Zoom
AROS Seminar: Machine-Readable Science Accelerates Research Synthesis: The Cooperation Databank
By Giuliana Spadaro (VU Amsterdam)
Tue 25 May
13:00-15:30 | via Teams
PhD defence: Gabriele Torma
How to (self)drive sustainable consumption behaviour
Fri 04 Jun
13:00-14:00 | Zoom
AROS Seminar: Observing Many Researchers using the Same Data and Hypothesis Reveals a Hidden Universe of Uncertainty
By Alexander Wuttke (University of Mannheim)
Fri 18 Jun
13:00-14:00 | Zoom
AROS Seminar: Open and Transparent Research in the COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond
By Rima-Maria Rahal (Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods)