3rd year PhD presentation - Martin Norlyk Jørgensen

The role of boundary spanners in supplier relationship management

2021.01.08 | Vibeke Vrang

Date Wed 03 Feb
Time 13:00 14:30
Location via Microsoft Teams

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On 3 February at 13:00 via Microsoft Teams, there will be a 3rd year PhD presentation by Martin Norlyk Jørgensen entitled:

The role of boundary spanners in supplier relationship management

Buying organizations increasingly relies on suppliers to facilitate their competitive edge. In the wake of growing competition for strategic supplier resources, however, they have to find ways to differentiate themselves from competitors. In this respect, the question of how buying organizations manage supplier relationships is of an essential character. Although extant literature has acknowledged the central role of boundary-spanning managers to this end, this role remains largely underexplored. Thus, the individual-level behaviors of key purchasing and supply chain managers responsible for overseeing and orchestrating buyer-supplier relationship activities are decisive yet often overlooked. In my thesis, I adopt a boundary-spanning theoretical lens to explore novel dynamics emerging from managers’ boundary-spanning exercises as they seek to bridge organizational divides and reconcile internal (buyer) and external (supplier) differences. The present thesis consists of three articles each of which examines a core concept in relation to supplier relationship management, i.e. (i) supplier development, (ii) trust development and (iii) social influence.

The presentation first establishes an overview of the thesis, followed by an in-depth presentation of the paper  ”Indirect interpersonal influence in buyer-supplier relationships: An exploratory study anchored in Social Control Theory”

Discussants: Sarah Maria Bruhs & Lars Esbjerg

Supervisors: Chris Ellegaard & Hanne Kragh

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