Introduction to tools of data science by Shahab Kazemi

2018.12.11 | Merete Elmann

Date Fri 11 Jan
Time 10:00 11:00
Location Room 2627-H216, Department of Management, Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University

Friday 11 January at 10:00 in room H216, our MGMT data scientist Shahab Kazemi kindly offers a demonstration of various tools that he applies in his support of MGMT researchers’ current work, as well as highlights selected papers wherein novel techniques and tools are employed. These tools and techniques include; machine learning, text-mining, and social network analysis.

Maybe these techniques can also be applied in your research, and maybe Shahab can assist you? – In other words, attend Shahab’s talk to hear about possibilities and ask questions.

Shahab presents for approx. 30 min. and this is followed by 15-25 min. for questions to Shahab and Lars Frederiksen.


You are all very welcome!