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3rd year PhD presentation - Marta Jackowska

Embracing the complexity of team processes in participative organizations

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Monday 21 June 2021,  at 13:00 - 14:00




Department of Management

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On 21 June at 13:00, there will be a 3rd year PhD presentation by Marta Jachowska entitled:  

Embracing the complexity of team processes in participative organizations

Supervisors: Jakob Lauring & Ingo Kleindienst
Discussants: Per Svejvig & Miriam Flickinger

To set the overall context for my PhD, the presentation first establishes the overview of the five research papers included in the thesis, followed by an in-depth presentation of the second and third paper.

The first paper, titled “Communicative alignment in project narratives: Project management-as-practice”, addresses the multimodality of resources, i.e., verbal, textual, and visual, in accomplishing communicative alignment in project narratives. Through multimodal discourse analysis of video data, the study explores how multimodal resources may enable and constrain the communicative alignment while stressing the temporality of projects. Specifically, the paper identifies three multimodal mechanisms employed by social actors and discusses the temporal nature of project narratives. 

The second paper, titled “The role of distance in horizontal influence: An epistemic network analysis study”, explores the process of interpersonal influence in distributed teams through the lens of construal level theory. The paper uses epistemic network analysis, one of the techniques of quantitative ethnography, to identify differences between collocated and distributed groups of employees in exerting influence as well as to visually map the influence tactics used by each group.

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