MGMT seminar by Mark Peterson

The Event Meaning Management Approach: Next Steps in a Role Theory Alternative to Network Models

2019.05.28 | Vibeke Vrang

Date Thu 13 Jun
Time 12:00 13:00
Location Room 2628-303, Department of Management, Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University

On Thursday, 13 June at 12:00 in room M303, our part-time professor Mark F. Peterson will give a seminar entitled

The Event Meaning Management Approach: Next Steps in a Role Theory Alternative to Network Models

Everyone is welcome!


Like other models of structures in organizations and societies, the Event Meaning Management (EMM) model postulates elements and relationships among them. In so doing, it contrasts with two other ways of modeling structure while building on a third. It contrasts with models that center on explicit authority structures of rules and hierarchies and role responsibilities like those expressed in job descriptions. It also contrasts with network models that identity nodes and analyze qualities of behavioral and psychological relationships among them. It builds on role theory models of structure that included both explicit and implicit roles that were characterized in terms of behavioral expectations. The EMM model places greater attention on the process of creating meaning rather than sending behavioral expectations, and on socially constructed sources of guidance (SOGs) in addition to clearly identifiable individuals and groups. Making these revisions to role theory has been motivated by interest in promoting the applicability of a models of structures to societies where hard-edged concepts like decisions, explicit hierarchies, and explicit jobs are difficult to conceptualize. Next steps in EMM research include using a data base of SOGs to explain IB-related phenomena, linking individual-level SOG use to work group outcomes, identifying and theoretically characterizing types of events especially important in virtual team management, and using SOGs and event types to understand challenges face by female immigrants in Taiwan and the organizations that employ them.

For more information about this event, please contact Jakob Arnoldi.

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