MGMT workshop by Robert Austin

Workshop: Teaching with simulations

2019.05.14 | Vibeke Vrang

Date Thu 23 May
Time 09:00 15:00
Location Room 2627-H216, Department of Management, Aarhus BSS

Part-time professor Rob Austin

On 23 May, Robert Austin, professor at Ivey Business School, former professor at Harvard and part-time professor at MGMT, will lead a workshop about teaching with simulations.

Rob Austin has authered a few very successful simulations that are available from Harvard Educational Website. 

The workshop is both adapted for the routinized user of simulations in teaching and for those that would like to approach this technique for the first time.  

Everyone is welcome! Lunch will be served.

Please note: Since the workshop will require a minimal preparation (trying a simulation), you need to sign up by Thursday 16 May so that Harvard can set up an account for you!

For more information about this workshop, please contact Andrea Carugati.