PhD presentations at Department of Management

Marta Jackowska, Sebastian Gram Rasmussen, Lea Vindvad Hansen and Martin Wurzer present their PhD projects

2019.07.05 | Merete Elmann

Date Thu 29 Aug
Time 10:00 14:45
Location Room 2628-M211/M303, Department of Management, Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University

On Thursday 29 August 2019 at 10:00, the following PhD presentations will take place at Department of Management:

10:00-10:45 in M211 Marta Jackowska: 'Understanding Social Identity in Teams with Blurred Boundaries'
Supervisors: Anna B. Holm & Jakob Lauring

11:00-11:45 in M211 Sebastian Gram Rasmussen: 'From Happy Idealist to Troubled Realist: The Role of Mission Drift in Becoming a Balanced Entrepreneur and Creating a Sustainable Social Venture'
Supervisors: Franziska Günzel-Jensen, Pernille Smith & Lars Frederiksen

13:00-13:45 in M303 Lea Vindvad Hansen: 'Financial journalism: Have the watchdogs learned to bark?'
Supervisors: Irene Pollach & Miriam Flickinger

14:00-14:45 in M303 Martin Wurzer: 'Individual information search and exploration during opportunity development'
Supervisors: Carsten Bergenholtz & Lars Frederiksen

Everyone is welcome!