1st and 2nd year PhD presentations

Morena Rivato, Ting Huang and Jonathan David Jensen present their PhD projects

2021.06.04 | Vibeke Vrang

Date Wed 25 Aug
Time 10:00 14:45
Location 2628-303, Aarhus BSS, Aarhus University

10:00-10:45 in room 2628-303 - 1st year PhD presentation

Morena Rivato: 'Open Online Communities and Crowdfunding Innovation'   
Supervisors: Michael Zaggl & Lars Frederiksen
Discussants: Irene Pollach & Marija Banovic

13:00-13:45 in room 2628-303 - 1st year PhD presentation

Ting Huang: 'Causes and Consequences of Diversity? The Role of Top Management Team Diversity in Public Sector in China'
Supervisors: Anders Villadsen & Jakob Arnoldi
Discussants: Jakob Lauring & Dorthe D. Håkonsson

14:00-14:45 in room 2628-211 - 2nd year PhD presentation

Jonathan David Jensen: 'Employment reconfiguration during exogenous shocks: evidence from COVID-19'
Supervisors: Dorthe D. Håkonsson & Lars Frederiksen
Discussants: John Thøgersen & Jakob Lauring

Everyone is welcome!

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