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3rd year PhD presentation - Sebastian Gram Nguyen Rasmussen

Adopting and Adapting Social Venture Organizational Templates

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Tuesday 12 October 2021,  at 11:00 - 11:45




Department of Management

On 12 October, there will be a 3rd year PhD presentation by Sebastian Gram Nguyen Rasmussen entitled Adopting and Adapting Social Venture Organizational Templates.

Supervisors: Franziska Günzel-Jensen & Pernille Smith/Lars Frederiksen
Discussants: Helle Neergaard & Nicole Siebold

In response to pure mono-logical models, social entrepreneurs employ hybrid models that mix a social-welfare with a commercial logic. Examples of hybrid organizational templates that have emerged as legitimate and economically sustainable models including among others work integration social enterprise, microfinance organizations and base of the pyramid. While the creation process of these archetypical organizational templates has been investigated, empirical investigations of how social entrepreneurs decide among alternative models is lacking. Research heading this direction can contribute to understanding better how the social entrepreneur-opportunity nexus evolves. In response, this paper asks: How and why do social ventures adopt and adapt archetypical organizational templates? To answer this research question a multiple case study of 19 social ventures adopting and adapting the Work Integration Social Enterprise-, Fair Trade-, and Social Beneficiary Product Sales template is conducted. Both within and across the case categories, the study find different entrepreneurial opportunity paths towards adopting the templates. However, once an opportunity is manifested through the choice of a template the subsequent adaption process of the templates happens similarly within each of the template archetypes.