2011.11.25 | Meddelelser

New telephone numbers at Aarhus University

With effect from 28 November 2011, all staff at Aarhus University will have new telephone numbers. Here you will receive information about how to find the new numbers.

2011.11.25 | News type

Groundbreaking ideas come from “The stranger”

New international research on user-driven innovation shows that groundbreaking innovation does not only come from the core users, but also from more peripheral users, who are also engaged in other communities. The result will involve a change of focus for both research and the business community.

2011.11.17 | Research news

Making healthy taste good

Although children like to eat sweet things, it is not actually difficult to persuade them to eat healthy foods. It is just a question of understanding how to present the products and the meals so the children find them attractive.

2011.11.14 | Events

Open Seminar: Innovation in Practice – The Grundfos Example

On 18 November, Lars Enevoldsen, Group Vice President for Global Research & Technology at Grundfos, will provide examples of lessons learned with regard to strategic innovation at Grundfos. Furthermore, there will be ample opportunity for a debate between the business community, researchers and students.

2011.11.13 | Research news

High-risk projects strengthen consultancies

A research project between Imperial College Business School in London and Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences is currently identifying how big and risky pioneer projects lead to breakthrough innovation within the consultancies that work at a high level of knowledge.

2011.11.13 | Research news

Researchers to strengthen the sale of new food products

The technological innovation within the food products area is lacking behind. A new EU research project, spearheaded by Aarhus University, is set to help motivate the retail trade as well as countering consumer scepticism. The project has been allocated 7.5 million DKK from EU's Seventh Framework Programme.

2011.11.01 | People , Research news

5.7 million from the VELUX FOUNDATION

Researchers from Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences have received DKK 5.7 million from the VELUX FOUNDATION for a research project that focuses on the phenomenon “distributed management”.