2013.01.29 | Announcements

Seven new PhD students join Department of Business Administration

The following PhD students begin their studies at Department of Business Administration in February and March 2013: Anne Peschel with the project title 'Dynamic, unconscious effects of product exposure during shopping episodes'. Anne will be affiliated with MAPP and working with supervisors Joachim Scholderer and Stephan Zielke. Lina Fogt…

2013.01.22 | Announcements

Athanasios Krystallis and Toula Perrea receive grant from the Danish Council for Strategic Research

Researchers from the MAPP Centre at Department of Business Administration receive funding for research on exploration of inter-attitudinal constructs of Chinese and Brazilian consumers towards green and novel foods.

Professor Klaus G. Grunert.

2013.01.15 | External events

Consumer expert hailed by elite international food researchers

On 17 January this year, a number of the leading food researchers in the world will be assembling at Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences to congratulate Professor Klaus G. Grunert on his 60th birthday and 25th anniversary.