2013.06.20 | Medarbejderportrætter

Tribute to Kurt Pedersen

Associate professor Kurt Pedersen sadly died on June 11, 2013. Kurt Pedersen was very active as a researcher and teacher almost right up to the very end. He was an enthusiastic employee and will be missed.

2013.06.18 | Research news

The art of making staff innovative

New research at Aarhus University hopes to show how companies can encourage staff to come up with practical ideas that will benefit the business.

2013.06.14 | Meddelelser

Kurt Pedersen died on June 11, 2013

We are sorry to announce that Kurt Pedersen lost to cancer and passed away early Tuesday morning on June 11, 2013. He will be greatly missed.

Associate professor Steffen Korsgaard. Photo: Julia Rolsted Stacey / AU Communication.

2013.06.13 | Meddelelser

Steffen Korsgaard receives the Annual BSS Research Award 2013

On 7 June, associate professor Steffen Korsgaard was given the Annual BSS Research Award 2013 on the basis of his great research expertise within entrepreneurship.

Associate professor Ole Hagh. Photo: Julia Rolsted Stacey, AU Communications.

2013.06.11 | Medarbejderportrætter

A great collaborator has chosen to retire

Associate professor Ole Hagh wishes to retire after 37 interesting years at Aarhus School of Business and Aarhus University. It will be a mild retirement at first, as Ole Hagh will become associate professor emeritus and will continue to carry out selected activities at the Department of Business Administration.

2013.06.10 | Announcements

Lars Frederiksen appointed to serve on the Editorial Review Board of Academy of Management Journal

Professor (mso) Lars Frederiksen is appointed to serve on the Editorial Review Board of Academy of Management Journal. Lars explains: "This community service demands me to perform about 8-10 reviews for the journal per year but in ‘exchange’ for these efforts I learn about research on the knowledge frontier. It is possible for me to follow the…

Oana Marilena Vuculescu

2013.06.10 | Research news

Can computers be made to share knowledge like people do?

A new PhD project at Aarhus University will map how knowledge-sharing among large groups of people (crowdsourcing) works and then create a program enabling a computer to simulate human behaviour.