2014.03.31 | Awards

Alice Grønhøj and Tino Bech-Larsen receive Highly Commended Paper award

The article ‘Using theory of planned behavior to predict healthy eating among Danish adolescents’ has been selected as a highly commended paper.

2014.03.27 | People

John Howells invited to two conferences based on his work in the field of patents

John Howells from Department of Business Administration has been invited to two conferences in the US.

2014.03.18 | Research news

Great interest in sustainability – but not in foods

A new study conducted by MAPP at Aarhus University shows that consumers in Europe are very concerned about the environment. But this concern does not show when they go shopping for groceries.

2014.03.13 | Knowledge exchange

Sustainability in the family home – which generation is leading the way?

Family members note the choices and behaviour of each other, Alice Grønhøj explores which generation is leading environmentally-minded domestic behaviour (

2014.03.12 | Research news

The Strategy & Organizational Behaviour research group at Department of Business Administration

The former CORE is now called the Strategy & Organizational Behaviour research group.

2014.03.11 | Events

International Food Marketing Research Symposium

MAPP will be co-hosting the 2014 International Food Marketing Research Symposium together with Institute of Food Products Marketing from St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.