2016.12.21 | Research news

Research: How to make the Keyhole nutrition label more effective

Researchers have explored how the Keyhole nutrition label can win the struggle for the consumers’ attention. The recommendations are clear.

Associate Professor Lars Esbjerg

2016.12.16 | Research news

Two new grants related to market practices and innovation

Associate Professor Lars Esbjerg is part of two new research projects

Professor Michael S. Dahl

2016.12.15 | Awards

Michael S. Dahl wins the prestigious Jorck’s Foundation Research Award

Professor Michael S. Dahl from Department of Management receives Jorck's award

2016.12.14 | Research news

Food fiction - when are food product claims misleading?

How do you examine if consumers are being misled by clever ad copy on groceries? It is actually more difficult than you might think. Researchers at the MAPP Centre at Aarhus University have a useful method on the way.

2016.12.13 | Research news

2 million DKK Grant for Michael S. Dahl

Professor Michael S. Dahl receives grant from the Aarhus University Research Foundation

2016.12.06 | Knowledge exchange

Wellness in the food sector

To many people, healthy eating sounds like it has to do with nutrient tables, boring food and holier-than-thou attitudes. But it is much more than that (video and images)