2019.02.12 | Events

MGMT represented at AU conference about partnerships for a sustainable future

The conference is now followed up with funding opportunities for interdisciplinary partnerships focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

2019.02.12 | Research news

When social norms interventions produce boomerang effects

Social norms interventions are often used to promote prosocial and pro-environmental behaviour. According to this study, however, such interventions can also produce a boomerang effect.

2019.02.12 | Research news

Project Half Double wins international prize and 100,000 dollars

Among more than 1000 applicants representing 40 countries, Project Half Double has been awarded the most Innovative Idea in Project Management prize.

2019.02.05 | Research news

Open-plan offices can reduce job satisfaction

The higher the number of people sitting together in one office, the harder it gets for them to collaborate with their colleagues, feel comfortable and be happy at work, shows new research from Aarhus BSS. This should influence business leaders’ approach to office layout in the future, according to the researcher behind the study.