2019.06.17 | Research news

Performance-based pay can affect mental health

When companies introduce some kind of performance-based pay, the number of prescriptions for depression and anxiety medication for employees rises. And women flee to other jobs more often than men when they fear for their mental health. This is the result of new research from Aarhus BSS.

Photo: Kforum

2019.05.15 | Awards

Finn Frandsen and Winni Johansen win the ‘KOM-pris 2019’

Professor Finn Frandsen and Professor Winni Johansen from Department of Management, Aarhus BSS, have won this year’s KOM-pris (communication prize) for their ”world-class research” in organisational crises, crisis management and crisis communication. The KOM-pris is awarded by The Danish Union of Journalists (Dansk Journalistforbund) and Kforum.

In connection with the sustainability conference at AU in February, the Committee for Research and External Cooperation announced to fund two or three networks based on partnerships between AU, government agencies and institutions and the business community.

2019.05.08 | Research news

The Department of Management takes part in new SDG networks

Researchers from the MAPP Centre are involved in the new projects 'New Foods for Physical and Mental Well-Being' and 'Overcoming the Challenges of a Circular Economy' at Aarhus University

2019.04.08 | Aarhus BSS

Women buy healthy food when they see an attractive man

What we choose to eat and drink when we see a potential, attractive partner is still driven by our primal instincts. This means that women buy healthier food when they see an attractive man and that men buy more expensive food when they see an attractive woman.

2019.03.25 | Research news

MGMT researchers receive DKK 2 million for a project on international innovation alliances

Chris Ellegaard, Hanne Kragh and Nina Lidegaard receive DKK 2 million from the Danish Industry Foundation for a new research project on international innovation alliances

2019.03.21 | Research news

Customers - the biased decision-makers

Have you ever wondered to which degree you do control your purchasing decisions when shopping in the supermarket? This answer will surprise and possibly offend you!

2019.03.08 | Research news

Small adjustments of the product labels can capture customers’ attention

What makes us pick products off the shelf? This study examines how product labels capture our attention and influence our decision-making.

2019.02.12 | Events

MGMT represented at AU conference about partnerships for a sustainable future

The conference is now followed up with funding opportunities for interdisciplinary partnerships focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

2019.02.12 | Research news

When social norms interventions produce boomerang effects

Social norms interventions are often used to promote prosocial and pro-environmental behaviour. According to this study, however, such interventions can also produce a boomerang effect.

2019.02.12 | Research news

Project Half Double wins international prize and 100,000 dollars

Among more than 1000 applicants representing 40 countries, Project Half Double has been awarded the most Innovative Idea in Project Management prize.

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