2017.02.20 | Research news

News from Project Half Double

Addendum to the Phase 1 report

2017.02.13 | People

New associate professor emeritus: Erik Kloppenborg Madsen

Erik Kloppenborg Madsen wishes to wind down his career and is therefore becoming associate professor emeritus. On 23 February, Erik marks his new position with a farewell reception at the Department of Management. Everyone is welcome.

2017.02.10 | Research news

How do food and meals affect the quality of life among the elderly?

A new study shows that elderly people’s satisfaction with meals in their own home correlates closely with their degree of self-sufficiency.

2017.01.16 | News from the management

Anders Ryom Villadsen takes up post as professor

On 2 February, Anders Ryom Villadsen will hold his inaugural lecture. He was appointed professor in the summer of 2016 and will now consolidate his affiliation with the Department of Management.

2017.01.16 | News from the management

Michael S. Dahl takes up post as professor

On 2 February, Professor Michael S. Dahl will hold his inaugural lecture and consolidate his position at the Department of Management.

2017.01.15 | Research news

1.5 million grant for Pernille Smith

Associate Professor Pernille Smith receives grant from the Aarhus University Research Foundation

2017.01.13 | Debate

’Strategi med succes’ kåret som årets erhvervsbog 2016

Bogen ’Strategi med succes’ skrevet af Jørgen Lægaard og Elmer Fly Steensen, ph.d. og lektor ved Institut for Virksomhedsledelse, er for nylig blevet kåret til årets erhvervsbog 2016 af Jyllands-Posten. Bogen gennemgår de værktøjer, som både forskning og praktisk erfaring har vist virker. I bogen åbner danske topledere, som bl.a. Niels B.…

2017.01.11 | People

Jørn Flohr Nielsen to continue as emeritus professor

On 27 January, Professor Jørn Flohr Nielsen will give a farewell lecture and mark his new role as emeritus professor at the Department of Management.

2017.01.11 | Research news

Speaking of Values

New research grant for project on the impact of communicating values in co-branding by Line Schmeltz and Anna Karina Kjeldsen

2016.12.21 | Research news

Research: How to make the Keyhole nutrition label more effective

Researchers have explored how the Keyhole nutrition label can win the struggle for the consumers’ attention. The recommendations are clear.

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