2 million grant for Karen Brunsø

Karen Brunsø has received a grant of DKK 2,010,500 in connection with the EU Marie Curie Innovative Training Network project EATFISH

Photo: Colourbox

Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing food sectors, and its most important purpose is to provide healthy and safe food adapted to consumer preferences. At the same time there are fundamental concerns about the ways we farm and transport food across the world which are related to negative environmental impacts. Hence, sustainable aquaculture has been identified as a feasible and promising way to obtain adequate seafood for human consumption, a challenge taken up by the EATFISH project.

At Department of Management, a PhD project focusing on market opportunities, consumer perception and communication strategies of sustainable aquaculture products will be undertaken in collaboration with other partners in the EATFISH project.

Among other things, the project will include consumer studies of how new sustainable aquaculture products are perceived, accepted and may provide market opportunities, and it is planned to include a range of aquaculture product innovations such as aquacultured seaweeds and marine invertebrates. Consumer studies will include surveys as well as experimental ‘set-ups’ and testing of reactions to different shopping stimuli in collaboration with a retail partner in the project.

More information can be seen at the project website: